Siyandiza Post School programme

Sadly, for most children in long term foster care, welfare assistance comes to an end once they finish their schooling and for many children, this means that without family to assist, they are out on the streets fending for themselves.

Kenosis has recently developed a post school programme for our foster children which will allow them to stay at Kenosis for one more year once they have finished school. During this year, they live semi-independently in special accommodation provided for them. They receive assistance with the following:

  • Obtaining an ID if they don’t already have one
  • Getting a driver’s license
  • Vocational and aptitude testing and guidance
  • Work experience if possible
  • Job readiness training including CV writing and basic financial management training
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Tertiary training opportunities where appropriate
  • All these activities are designed to help them become responsible young adults who are capable of living independently and who can look forward to a bright future.

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