ECD Centre

Our Early Childhood Education centre is known as the Bishopstowe ECD and provides early childhood education for children from 3 – 4 years of age in grades RR and RRR. Our ECD centre is staffed by 2 teachers, a cook and a cleaner and also provides both breakfast and lunch to the children, ensuring that no one goes hungry. Local volunteers have also added greatly to the benefits our children receive at the ECD centre, including, among others, weekly aerobics classes and weekly water safety lessons. We also try to take the children on at least one outing per term.

School fees are kept at a reasonable level to allow even poorer families to afford this important phase of education for their children. This of course means that not all of the costs are covered by the school fees. This means there is an opportunity for you to meaningfully impact the educational future of one of these precious children by sponsoring a monthly amount. Just R250.00 a month will give a child the opportunity to experience a firm educational foundation for the future.


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