Foster Village

Our foster village caters for up to 18 children in 3 homes with 3 foster mothers, each of whom is a trained child care worker. The village is also home to a number of Kenosis employees and their families.

The children who come to Kenosis are all placed with us by the Pietermaritzburg Child and Family Welfare Society. They are all vulnerable children, some orphaned, some abandoned and some removed from unsafe home environments due to domestic violence, substance abuse, neglect or other forms of physical abuse.

The children attend local schools and are able to stay at Kenosis in their foster families until they have finished school. Kenosis makes use of volunteers who also provide after school tutoring, extra-curricular activities, ad hoc counselling if necessary and weekend outings and activities. We try as much as possible to give our children a “normal” family life and to expose them to many different experiences and social situations.

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