Kenosis Community

Our Projects

completed projects

Here are some of the exciting new additions to Kenosis Community. We are so grateful for all the generous donations of materials, monies and time people put in to help Kenosis grow.

Current Projects

These are projects that we are currently busy with. We try to complete these projects as funds and hands allow. We are ever relying and trusting for open handed giving, with regards to materials, funds and time. There are so many wonderful supporters of what happens here at Kenosis and we thank every single person for whatever donation big or small.

We are currently fundraising to acquire the materials and hands needed to replace some of our old roofs of the Foster mothers. The sheet metal has deteriorated to the point where we’ve had hail going straight through the roof sheeting. We are also busy fundraising and adding on to the Solar Power System to provide safety with regards to lights as outages in the farming areas can sometimes last a long time.

Future Projects

In the Pipeline!

We are trusting for some Electronic Audio and Visual upgrades with regards to our church.