As we await the arrival of a third wave of Covid 19, we are thrilled to have survived a year of Covid with all its concomitant restrictions relatively unscathed. Sadly vaccine rollout in South Africa seems to be very slow and there are still stiff regulations in place in terms of social distancing at schools which has a very deleterious effect on our children.

Currently, apart from the Matrics who attend school daily, every other class attends school one out of every four days. There are no online study options available and the schools don’t even give the children any work to do at home. As you can imagine, this is having a dire effect on their education, which was already fairly poor.

Mark and Moira have done a sterling job over the last year, running a lock-down school to ensure that the children maintain a level of progress with their education. In addition we have been greatly assisted by a number of retired teachers who have come in to offer tutoring in the afternoons.

One of our children, Ayanda, who wrote Matric at the end of 2020, had been performing quite poorly, only obtaining around 40-50% on most of his subjects, and it was a thrill to see how much he improved with the assistance of the afternoon tutoring. He was able to obtain a Bachelor’s pass at the end of the year, giving him the opportunity to go on to tertiary education at a local technical university. He is pictured (above left) with his foster mum as he leaves to study at Durban University of Technology.

We are now hoping to formalise our tutoring programme and are seeking to raise funds to provide small stipends for retired teachers to come out on a regular basis to provide our children with quality education during this period of restricted access to the schools, and then also after school hours once the restrictions come to an end. Please pray with us for the provisions of these funds as the tutoring is vital for our children if they are to receive an education that will give them the skills they need to obtain decent employment once they leave school. If you would like to donate towards our tutoring programme, please contact Mark on 082 950 2818.