Just after my last blog post in March, South Africa was hit by the Covid-19 Lockdown and with just a few days notice, the Kenosis Community had to get organised to decide on a Covid 19 policy, provide face masks and sanitizers for the community and all the last minute arrangements that needed to be put in place. And all this while our Director Mark Emerson and his wife Moira were on a visit to Ireland. With God’s help, we were able to put in place all that was needed and thankfully Mark and Moira managed to make it back into South Africa on one of the last incoming flights before the international borders closed. Then the schools closed, businesses closed and life as we knew it was turned on its head. Everyone had to start getting their heads around the idea of social distancing, sanitizing hands regularly and wearing a face mask in public. We are so thankful that at this point our little community is safe and sound and now 100 days later, our nation is beginning to open up again as the lockdown is slowly lifted. We are not out of the woods though as the epidemic has not yet reached its peak in this country and it seems the rest of this year is going to be affected by this virus. We continue to trust our amazing God for his faithful provision for our children and community and for his protection in these difficult times.